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  • Improvisation is ‘Composition speeded up’ where ideas can be instantly realised and evaluated. 

  • An improvisation can provide an instanteous and  flexible link, possibly incorporating thematic material such as a hymn melody.

  • Improvisation skills can:-

    • Build confidence; no more feelings of helplessness when the paper music is not there!

    • Enhance skills in keyboard harmony and composition.

    • Heighten awareness of various musical styles and compositional techniques.

    • Heighten aural discrimination and memory.

    • Help extrapolate music from a given context, e.g. sight reading and dealing with page turns.




  • Tailored to all levels of experience and ability, with projects for complete beginners to professionals.

  • Projects  for organists for practical use during church service

  • Projects for organists to develop creativity in lighter styles or non-liturgical settings.

  • Projects for pianists in a wide range of classical and lighter genres.

  • Co-ordinated with reference to curricular or course work, where appropriate.

  • Include recordings of students' improvisations as tools for self-evaluation.





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